More Than Just About the Pilgrims

Ok, I really hate the forced “I’m thankful for” obligatory Thanksgiving post but I finally finished my 100 blessings that I started awhile ago. A lot of the time I know I’m seriously guilty of not remembering things to be thankful for, especially when most of my problems are typical “first world problems”. So…without further ado…

“Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done.”  -Psalm 105:1

  1. Mom
  2. Granny
  3. water color paints
  4. music
  5. a man who lived, died, and overcame death for me
  6. tea
  7. IVLI
  8. TanUp Fam “TanUp For WHAT?”
  9. sweater weather
  10. snail mail
  11. peace of heart and mind in God
  12. waking up every morning
  13. being able to share happy moments with friends
  14. people who donated to IVLI
  15. sharing testimonies
  16. spending time with friends
  17. sunny days
  18. safe travels
  19. being able to smell yummy foods
  20. being in overall good health
  21. spending time with God
  22. a clean and warm place to call home
  23. being able to go to UChicago
  24. to be able to praise God openly
  25. that all “storms” pass…eventually
  26. to be able to really think about my blessings
  27. resources to study for the GRE
  28. friendship bracelets that haven’t fallen off (…well they hadn’t at that point…BUT THEY’RE RETIED!)
  29. the love of God
  30. hope in God
  31. never truly starving
  32. a mom who worries about me
  33. that I can put my trust in God
  34. being able to celebrate another life lived of a friend
  35. the resources of the Reg
  36. bosses who understand the struggles of being a student
  37. not being able to describe something simple and beautiful like love
  38. older friends who reassure you when you’re freaking out
  39. excited first years
  40. excited returning students
  41. conflict/difficult conversations that lead to growth
  42. encouragement from IVLI fam
  43. being able to bring issues directly to God
  44. even when I am not faithful, He still is
  45. multiple ways of expressions
  46. friends who will stop what they’re doing to pray with you
  47. community and fellowship
  48. failures that I learn from
  49. NSO opportunities
  50. talks with guys about feminism
  51. inspiration for MLT
  52. classes I’m excited for
  53. fuzzy socks
  54. free coffee
  55. Gilmore Girls on Netflix
  56. people interested in racial reconciliation
  57. John 15
  58. 1 Peter 1
  59. strengthening friendships
  60. late (by 4 years) but still appreciated care-packages
  61. speakers who agree when asked last minute
  62. getting through each day
  63. conversations with my brothers and sisters in AAIV
  64. having two paying jobs
  65. autumn days
  66. Skype
  67. being a “lone nut”
  68. 1st follower
  69. 2nd follower
  70. the crowd
  71. dependency in Christ
  72. GALS
  73. a certain Christian law student who has really been an encouragement when it comes to social justice
  74. people who hold open doors
  75. V-Team movie night
  76. engagements
  77. hugs
  78. favorite pair of boots being repaired
  79. oatmeal
  80. friends who knit slouchy hats for you
  81. boba tea
  82. pad thai
  83. teachers who understand the struggles of being a student
  84. grelfies (group selfies…hey, I didn’t come up with the term…)
  85. scarves
  86. Mindy’s Hot Chocolate
  87. power and authority in Christ
  88. quesadilla Tuesdays
  89. hot chocolate + coffee mix
  90. for King and Country
  91. Bernard Kokou Edoh
  92. Psalm 25
  93. loving and beautiful sisters in Christ
  94. forgiveness
  95. Sunday worship nights in South basement
  96. friends near and far
  97. weddings
  98. a good night’s sleep
  99. that God’s love is relentless
  100. there being more than 100 things to be grateful for (to be continued obviously)

I will give to the Lord the thanks due to his righteousness. I will sing praise to the name of the Lord, the Most High.” – Psalm 7:17

Happy Blessings Day!


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