Zozo’s 2015 Personal Vision Statement

So ever since going to IVLI the term “casting vision” has probably been said to me and by me enough times that if each utterance equaled $1 my college loans would be covered (…ok, maybe not my college loans, but I would be covered with doing laundry for at least a few weeks). But anyway, for weeks, I’ve been trying to think of some awesome way to summarize what has happened to me during 2014 and honestly, I started falling asleep writing it so I figured you guys would fall asleep reading it so…YAY FOR STAYING AWAKE! And Christianity today for giving me the idea of Crafting a Life Vision Statement. Whether or not you consider yourself a Jesus follower, anyone can create their own Vision Statement. The linked article is more so long term and where I got my inspiration to do this. Mine will include visions for both long and short term. Note: this isn’t usually how I write my vision statements but I decided to follow the style that Pastor Derwin L. Gray created. So without further ado, here is “Zozo’s 2015 Personal Vision Statement”: 1. How do you want to be seen in 2015 and the years following?

  • First and foremost, I want to be seen as a follower of Christ, not letting my fear and insecurities in my abilities stop me from sharing the Gospel with those God is calling me to share it with.
  • In 2015, but also in the years following, I want to be seen as someone who is responsible, reliable, and easy to interact with. Though this doesn’t mean I want to be a pushover. I do want the person who I think I am to be similar to the person others think I am, which hopefully will be dedicated, loving, and welcoming.
  • Also, as someone who is about to graduate from college in a few months, I want to be seen as employed/going to grad school -_____-

2. What do you want to be known for in 2015 and the years following?

  • Similar to before, I want to be known for my faith. Not one of those crazy and hateful people who claim to known Christ but someone who really has a relationship with Christ. Obviously, there will be highs and lows with my faith, that’s unfortunately human nature but if nothing else, I want people to at least that they always saw me trying to get closer to God without fail. This will without a doubt mean learning how to discipline myself when it comes to have a consistent quiet time with God. 2014 has definitely been a better year for me in regards to that in general but if you really look at it, some parts of the year were better than others.

3. What do you want your relationships to be like?

  • Existent. -_____- Totally being serious. When I graduated from high school, I let a lot of friendships go. Some were on purpose though a few I do regret were just because time just drifted us apart. However, I feel like the relationships that I made in college were undoubtedly a lot more substantial than most of the relationships I had in high school. I don’t want to be one of those people who graduate with and you never hear from again unless it’s via social media. (I know that may shock some of you.) Essentially, if you have seen my cry more than 3 times, we’re best friends for life. Not kidding. YOU’RE STUCK WITH ME FOR LIFE!!!!! Ok, actually being serious, obviously even some of the ties that I made during college will probably loosen over time but I honestly feel I made some great friends during my four years of college, and though I undeniably won’t be able to talk to them as often as I do now, there are definitely people who I know I will always consider my “siblings” and I hope they feel the same in return…because that would just be awkward if they didn’t… >___>
  • I want to also continue to grow in my relationship with my family, specifically my mom and grandma. Granted, I can be a bit of a spoiled brat and probably don’t express it as much as I should but I do love and appreciate these amazing women in my life and want to spend the time I have with them wisely and with love…even when their teasing gets annoying 😛

4. What makes your heart sing, both in terms of career and places where you feel passionate?

  • It’s funny, at one point during the summer, I had a many freaking out, convinced that I had made a mistake with my chosen major and minor, which is really ridiculous because I love them both and my reasoning for choosing them – a major in Comparative Human Development w/ a focus in mental health and a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies – are totally sound and valid. But now, more than ever especially after reading a recent article about a transgender teen who was emotionally hurt by her conservative Christian parents when she came to them. Putting aside where ever you stand on issues of LGBTQ, I don’t believe any child should ever feel like their parents don’t love or support them, Christian or not. Though I still haven’t figured out if I specifically want to be a Christian counselor/therapist or not, I do want to make sure that for whatever reason the kids I’m working with have for coming to me, they know that their lives are important and valued. I also want to help more Christians realize that having mental health issues does not mean that you’re any less of a follower but I also don’t want to just sweep these issues under the rug with a prayer (YES! Prayer is powerful but sometimes God doesn’t answer our prayers the way we expect Him to and we need to be more open to the fact that maybe a possible answer to your prayers is seeing a licensed professional for counseling.) So, “Too long; Didn’t read”: I want to continue to pursue being a child/family counselor.
  • Also, I want to continue to grow in issues of reconciliation (racial, gender, LGBTQ, etc.) and instead of letting myself fester in hate, anger, and frustration, realize that the experiences I have had can be used to help others, both similar and different to me.

5. Who in your life will tell you the truth about yourself?

  • Ah…the tough question. Honestly, I don’t really know. Things are definitely going to change a lot in 2015 and at this point, I don’t know who will be with me for the long run (besides my mom). Even though I don’t yet know who will still be with me next year, I do know that God will provide people in my life to slap some truth into me when I need it so I’m really worried about that.

So that’s it! My 2015 Personal Vision Statement! Thanks to everyone who has made 2014 awesome! It was honestly a rough year from beginning to end but there was a lot of growth that I doubt I would have gotten without those rough patches. I pray that God will bless you all with a Happy New Year and that you also will keep some of my prayer request for 2015 in your prayers/ thoughts/ good vibes as well:

  • That I will find and GET a gap year opportunity that pays and that I will love or at least learn to appreciate especially during my time there.
  • That I will end my time in college well in terms of academics and also the relationships (though hopefully some of those will continue long after graduation). That I enjoy my time on campus with friends and make the most of my opportunities there.
  • That I will also not procrastinate on studying for the GRE and my gap year opportunities app.
  • That I continue to grow closer to God and remember that in every circumstance He is always faithful.

O Lord, Length of days does not profit me except the days that are passed in Thy presence, in Thy service, to Thy glory. Give me a grace that precedes, follows, guides, sustains, sanctifies, aids every hour, that I may not be one moment apart from Thee, but may rely on Thy Spirit to supply every thought, speak in every word, direct every step, prosper every work, build up every mote of faith, and give me a desire to show forth Thy praise, testify Thy love, advance Thy kingdom.

I launch my bark on the unknown waters of this year, with Thee, O Father as my harbor, Thee, O Son, at my helm, Thee O Holy Spirit, filling my sails. Guide me to heaven with my loins girt, my lamp burning, my ear open to Thy calls, my heart full of love, my soul free.

Give me Thy grace to sanctify me, Thy comforts to cheer, Thy wisdom to teach, Thy right hand to guide, Thy counsel to instruct, Thy law to judge, Thy presence to stabilize. May Thy fear by my awe, Thy triumphs my joy.


~first read on She Reads Truth, originally from “The Valley of Vision”


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