The 12 Things I Learned During My 12 Quarters of College

More thought out posts about my college experience to come soon. Until then enjoy this list:

  1. There’s always free food somewhere, at sometime on campus. No shame in bringing Tupperware if you don’t get caught.

    Broke College Student = No Shame

  2. Going to office hours even only once for a class can greatly help your grade.

    Throwing in some waterworks can hep sometimes too.

  3. There are friends you have for just a class. Friends you have for just a year. And friends who will basically be your ride-or-dies for you’re entire time here. Cherish that time with people who will support and encourage you, no matter how brief or long it is .

    Because being friends takes effort and being intentional which is hard for an introvert.

  4. Though knowing shortcuts are important for those back to back classes, spending time wandering around campus is always important too.

    I resonate with this in so many ways…

  5. Knowing (and perhaps even befriending) people who are vastly different from you is not only important but crucial to the whole learning experience.

    I feel like a lot of my friendships are like this…

  6. Some people are bad at keeping in contact/communicating with others. Doesn’t mean they care any less.

    Communication is hard, people.

  7. Failing a class, or two, isn’t the end of the world. Especially if you’re a Social Science or Humanities major. In general, don’t be afraid to fail.

    Now learn from the experience and move on.

  8. Never try to do a 20 page research paper in 24 hours. It’s possible, but you’re going to hate yourself.

    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

  9. You can’t always fix things.


  10. Don’t be afraid to be awkward or weird. Sometimes it’s best to just roll with things and push outside of your comfort zone.

    The best people are weird.

  11. Find something you’re passionate about, even if you don’t wind up doing it in terms of a career.


  12. Taking care of yourself/being true to yourself does not always equal selfishness.

    Because there’s only one of you.


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