The Saturday Reading List: Sidekicked

Sidekicked by Russell Brettholtz

It took me awhile to realize that was a cape over his head and not awesome super powered hair.

The Stats:

  • Will be available Oct. 27, 2015
  • Graphic novel, fictions, super heroes
  • 3.8/5
  • Warnings: some graphic violence, super heroes who kinda of have bad personalities and cliches, and supposedly taking place in Chicago but not really seeming like it…

Publisher Description:

“It should come as no surprise to learn that within the superhero “community,” egos run rampant. But how does all that free-flowing narcissism impact those just outside the spotlight? Chicago finds out when five of the city’s most loyal Sidekicks finally grow tired of being disrespected by both the prima donnas they work with and the citizenry they strive to protect. And it’s not like the Windy City needs yet another labor upheaval…”

Zo’s Review

Recently, there seems to be a very big super hero phase in media lately. There also seems to be a trend in looking more at the Capes day to day lives. However, at least from my admittedly limited perspective, not so much for sidekicks. We hardly see sidekicks or if we do, they’re usually the butt of jokes.

Oh, sorry! The PC term is “hero-support”.

In Sidekicked, we get a more realistic, serious, and kind of dark picture of what would happen if the sidekicks of a city’s greatest Superheroes went on strike. It’s honestly not the most radical idea but the creators of the story did a pretty decent job of making it believable. You have the sidekick who feels like he can’t trust his hero to have his back; the sidekick who feels like he’s at his lowest, in and out of costume; the sidekick who doesn’t really have issues with his hero but has issues with how the public perceives sidekicks in general; the sidekick who really knows what it means to be a hero; and then the sidekick who is more popular than his hero and everyone is wondering why the heck he’s the sidekick and not the other way around. Each sidekick has their own valid reason for participating in the strike which made them likable.

Yeah…I would totally go on strike if I had to wear an outfit like this.

I did wish that the sidekicks and their relationship with their heroes were fleshed out a little bit more. Yes, as the reader I totally thought they had valid reasons to be fed up but I wish there was a bit more fleshing out of the characters and their relationships. I mean, 97 pages isn’t enough. I don’t know if there are plans for continuing this story but I wouldn’t be opposed. Sometimes the artwork seemed a little messy and at one point I accidentally confused one character for another but hey, I can only draw a stick person so I shouldn’t be talking.

Overall, I liked Sidekicked and I think it would be cool, if it were continued, to see what the future holds for the sidekicks because it seemed like not all of the heroes forgave them. Also, at some points I wondered if the power that strike gave the sidekicks would go to some of their heads so I think that would be cool to explore.

Thank you Magnetic Press for providing me with an advance review copy in exchange for an honest review.

Thanks! I like reading free stuff!

What do you guys think? Are you excited for Sidekicked? Have any other book suggestions that I should add to my Saturday Reading List? Leave your thoughts behind in the comments. Just be respectful please.


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