The Saturday Reading List: TBW’s December Book Challenge Part 4

Hi peeps! Starting the year 2016 with the last few books from the December book challenge!


Day 27: Too Many Feels, “Zink” by Cherie Bennett


Day 28: Comfort Read, “The Book of Psalms”


Day 29: Pure Poetry, “19 Ways of Looking at Wang Wei”


Day 30: Best Books of 2015, “Nimona”, “Made You Up”, “The Untold Tale”, “Infinity Lost”, and “One Good Dragon Deserves Another (Part 2 of the Heartstrikers series”


Day 31: Read This Month, “The Guardians of Childhood:Jack Frost” by William Joyce

What do you all think? Have you read any of these books? Do you agree or disagree with the books I picked for each theme? Let me know (nicely though) and feel free to join in on the Book Photo challenge on Instagram! Keep updated with the books I chose for the upcoming themes by checking my FB page. Also don’t forget to follow me Twitter and FB!



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