Sitting and Being Still in 2016

NOTE: I had meant to post this around the start of 2016 but life happened and…well, here we are. Better late than never.


One of my friends who has been following my blog on and off for awhile brought up the fact that my blog has turned more into a book review blog than a faith blog recently.

Well, in a sense, that is true and it isn’t. The Saturday Reading List section of my blog was originally started for a few reasons:

  1. I wasn’t updating my blog regularly enough: This is my fifth blog. The others I never really took seriously or they were only meant to be used for a short period of time like my travel blog. This blog I want to keep going. I figured by having something that would be posted on the blog on a regularly scheduled bases would not only keep the blog updated by help me with my blog writing skills.
  2. I’m learning the art of relaxing: In college it never really felt like I was had a moment of free time. I always had to be doing something. If I wasn’t doing something then I wasn’t doing enough. Therefore, reading for pleasure wasn’t really a thing. Now that I’m out of college and I want to make up for lost time. Also, whether you’re a Christian or not, it’s important to have moments of rest to ourselves so we won’t run dry.
  3. I’m still figuring out my faith: I know, that’s such a vague Christian phrase. But it’s true. I’m in a new place in my life and I’m still adjusting to not being constantly surrounded by Christian community like I was in college. I don’t want to post something to just to post something if I truly don’t feel convicted. I still believe in God and the Good News of Jesus Christ, that hasn’t changed. However, I don’t want to write blog posts that are filled with “flowery good feelings” if that’s not what I’m feeling – and also that’s not what Christianity is about, or at least that shouldn’t be the main thing it’s about. Sometimes a blog post will be about faith, sometimes it’ll be about books, and sometimes they’ll just be about life. I rather write something more in the spirit of Ecclesiastes and even some of the Psalms that force me to question my faith instead of spouting hackneyed expressions with no real convictions.

I’m truly grateful for all of my followers, whether they’re here for posts about faith or about book reviews. In the upcoming months – and honestly for as long as this blog will run – there will be changes in what I post and how often I post. I think that’s fair since this blog is supposed to reflect someone currently wadding through their early 20s. For those who are following only for the book reviews, don’t worry. Those will still happen though don’t be surprised if “The Saturday Reading List” gets renamed to “The Weekend Reading List”.

If you choose to continue to stick with me then thank you. If you choose to never read anything else from me, well thank you for the moment or second that you did spend here. And for those just joining in, welcome. I hope you find something likable here, no matter where you’re coming from.



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