What’s Up Zo? #5: Calm Before the Storm

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So much is happening!!! Friends are having weddings. I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed. Apartment hunting. Transitioning out of my current job. Preparing all of the other million things that I need to prepare for grad school… I technically have time to get everything done but “crunch time” is definitely getting closer. The biggest thing is definitely the apartment hunting. Once I get that done things will hopefully start falling into place.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s possible to get everything done especially as time continues to tick away. Despite the oncoming stress, though, I’m definitely excited for grad school!



Supervillainess by Lizzy Ford


“A “Deadpool” style, twisted superhero romance …

Sand City, a town in the Pacific Northwest, where the rents are too high and the rain never stops. On the surface, it appears normal – except this city is run by General Savage, an alleged supervillain.

Fleeing Chicago and the disastrous mistakes of his past, Doctor Kimber Wellington accepts a job at the only hospital willing to hire him. Grateful for a second chance, he ignores the city’s strange obsession with supervillains.

That is, until the daughter of General Savage nearly dies in his arms. Kimber couldn’t be any more different than Reader, the self-professed supervillainess-in-training, who insists she has superpowers that just so happen not to work around him. She’s deranged, violent, abrasive – and has never known kindness from anyone else.

Unfortunately, helping her places Kimber in the crosshairs of Reader’s arch-nemesis. Drawn to the part of her that’s good yet horrified by her dark, violent world, Kimber finds himself at a crossroads: stay in Sand City at the potential cost of his own life, or abandon the city, the people and the compelling supervillainess who need him.”

A Podcast You Need to Listen To

tumblr_static_8hquz584v00sw84gwwsoo04c8For Colored Nerds is like listening to your culturally aware friends (Brittany and Eric) who talk about anything from Black Contemporary Art to #BlackLivesMatter to Beyonce.

I just really enjoy how it’s really easy to understand their viewpoints, even if I don’t always agree, especially when they are going into difficult topics.

A good episode to start with is the episode entitled “And Not a White School” where they talk about their experience going to a Historically Black College. I really liked this episode because even though they went to the same school, their experiences were different.

To check out more about For Colored Nerds check out their website here.


Sunday Candy by Chance the Rapper


Well, that’s all for now, folks! Until next time!

This is my own version of the Sunday Post by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Don’t forget to check out the posts of others there!


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