The Weekend Reading List: Boy Meets Witch

Boy Meets Witch (The White Cat Chronicles #1) by G.A. Rael


The Stats:

  •  Publication Date: November 17, 2016
  • Fantasy, paranormal, romance, witches, possible other supernatural creatures
  • 2.8/5
  • Warnings: Has some religious elements that some people may not be comfortable with…or for anyone who thinks this might be a super scary read.

From Goodreads:

“Harper Adams is a witch on the run–from her past as a faith healer turned accidental arsonist, and from the power she’s kept locked away her whole life. She thinks she’s finally found a place she can settle down and call home in the picturesque town of Cold Creek, Vermont, but a mysterious white cat who may or may not be bent on taking the curvaceous witch’s soul has other plans. Harper’s compassion gets the best of her and earns her an unwanted reputation as the town miracle worker as well as the ire of sexy veterinarian and militant atheist, Darren St. Clair.

Cold Creek’s residents have a few supernatural secrets of their own, and Harper will have to face the destiny that led her to the last place a witch in hiding needs to be–that is, if Darren doesn’t have her chased out of town with a pitchfork-wielding mob before she gets the chance.”

Zo’s Review:

Not sure what I expected when I read Boy Meets Witch. It was a very quick read and though the overall plot was pretty solid, it still left me undecided as to whether I wanted to continue when the next book comes out.

Let’s start with the main character, Harper Adams. She’s not the typical kind of witch we’re used to. She takes care of plants as her job and has lived a very sheltered life due to her upbringing. Honestly, despite being a witch, Harper is a pretty average girl. At certain points, I almost forgot she was a witch (and then a magical talking cat that transforms into a man/demon shows up and reminds me that things are not normal here). What I think G.A. Rael does well is that most of the characters have very definite and clear personalities that distinguish them from each other. Is it obvious that some characters are not all that they seem? Yes, and I have a few theories about certain characters that may be enough interest to get me to read the second book as well as seeing how the love square progresses- because I definitely think there’s more than a triangle going on.

The overall story building in Boy Meets Witch has a pretty solid plot so far. The places where I felt like it lost some points in my opinion is that it really was a fast read. To a certain extent, the feeling that a book is over way too soon is usually a positive sign for a book’s popularity with the reader. However, maybe it’s because I felt that barely any questions were answered or that things in Harper’s life were going pretty normal – minus the talking cat and creepy stalker dad – and then bang! New super powers! And then bang-bang! Basically the equivalent of “I see dead people”. And maybe that was the point. The whole reason Harper moved to her new town was to start over and I suppose that even I at some point thought she would have at least a book and a half of normalcy before stuff hit the fan. Oh well…

Overall, Boy Meets Witch does admittedly have potential, or at least enough to make me give the second book another chance. It starts off as a book that I thought would live down Sabrina the Teenaged Witch  Avenue and now I think it might actually be attempting to move in on either Charmed Street or Supernatural Boulevard. We’ll see.

I received a copy of this book from the NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

What do you all think? Have you read Boy Meets Witch already? Have any other book suggestions that I should add to my Saturday Reading List? Leave your thoughts behind in the comments. Just be respectful please.


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