The Weekend Reading List: Another Castle

“Another Castle” by Andrew Wheeler, illustrated by Paulina Ganucheau


The Stats:

  • Publication Date: February 28, 2017
  • Graphic novel, fantasy, magic, dungeons and dragons, princesses – but not in distress, kind of useless princes, monsters, creating your own destiny and all that other good stuff
  • 3.5/5
  • WARNINGS: If you’re a person who is expecting some Disney-esque type of princess – especially the earlier ones – or if you are a person who is unable to tolerate people who are different than you, then this story is not for you.


From Amazon:

“We are thrilled to invite you on a journey of courage, friendship, and rebellion—Another Castle: Grimoire! This volume gathers all the issues from the hit comic book series centered on the adventures of Princess Misty of Beldora, whose courageous spirit leads to her capture, and ultimately, to a heroic adventure that spans two kingdoms.

Our tale begins when Princess Misty of Beldora, who longs for a more exciting life, gets more than she bargained for when she is captured by Lord Badlug, the ruler of the neighboring kingdom of Grimoire. He intends to marry her and conquer Beldora, leading the land into ruin and chaos. The people of Grimoire already suffer under his rule and desperately need a hero… luckily, Badlug has just kidnapped one! Together with the citizens of Grimoire and a certain bumbling prince, Misty must fight to protect her kingdom and free both realms from Badlug’s tyrannical rule. Misty is determined not to be another damsel in distress; and with her new friends to protect, she’ll discover just what it takes to be the hero of the story.”

Zo’s Review:

I’ll be honest, I’m a sucker for romance so I was definitely trying to figure out which of other characters depicted on the cover of Another Castle would Princess Misty end up with. Would the evil king actually be evil or be misunderstood and judged based on his looks? Was the Prince a jerk who just wants the princess to be his little wife with no ideas of her own? These were all just things that ran through my head when I looked at the cover.


I was totally expecting a Gaston character.


Of course, I was disappointed when I found out that all of my predictions based on the cover were wrong but that’s mostly because I failed to read the book description so…that was my bad…


Guess, you really can’t judge a book based on its cover…

Disappointment aside, Another Castle has a charming – though admittedly predictable – plot with wonderfully illustrated pages. Though the colors may be bright, cheery looking, and pop out, Another Castle, like its main character proves that something can be both pretty and badass. I really appreciate the diversity in the characters’ designs and personalities, each easily distinct and recognizable.

The one thing that was a bummer about Another Castle was how quick things went by and were resolved. I felt that just as I was getting to know the main characters I realized the story was almost over. I would have loved to have seen more backstory for many of the characters or to see Princess Misty wrestle a bit more with seemingly having her future decided for her whether she was in Beldora or Grimoire. I also would have loved if there had been a main character that was kind of in the gray in terms of which side they stood on, an antihero who seemed to play both sides until the end just to shake things up a bit more. I definitely felt that the creators were playing it a bit safe in terms of what they decided to take risks on and that there were definitely parts that were good but could have added another layer of depth to the plot.


Overall, I appreciate the minds behind Another Castle for creating a princess who takes her fate into her own hands, going against societal norms, and is an active part in not only her own rescue but also in rescuing and aiding others as well. Princess Misty is pretty boss and I just wish we were given a bit more about her and her friends. I feel like there are so many side stories that could stem from this collection of issues that I would be more than willing to read. Besides, we need more stories about kickbutt princess who don’t really need someone else, especially a prince, to save them because they can figure out how to save themselves.


Yes, because “Eep!” is definitely the sound I want to come out of the mouth of someone who is supposed to be saving me…


I received a copy of this book from the NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

What do you all think? Have you read Another Castle already? Have any other book suggestions that I should add to my Weekend Reading List? Leave your thoughts behind in the comments. Just be respectful please.


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