The Midweek Book Shuffle

What is the Midweek Book Shuffle?

The Midweek Book Shuffle is a fun monthly idea that I got from Clockwork Bibliophile.

Here’s how it goes: 

  1. Click the shuffle button in your music library.
  2. Pick a book that relates to the first song that appears.
  3. Write a fun little post about the song and book you’ve chosen!

For Sit and Be Still, I will try to do this once a week, usually on Wednesdays.

Want to Participate?

  1. Make your own Book Shuffle post, following the instructions I have mentioned above.
  2. You can design/ layout your post any way you wish, whatever suits your blog/ bookish medium best.
  3. Post a new Book Shuffle once a month (or whenever).
  4. Please link back to Clockwork Bibliophile original “Book Shuffle” page and their blog in your Book Shuffle posts so that other people can come and join the fun :)))
  5. Post the link to your Book Shuffle in the comments of mine (and Clockwork Bibliophile’s) so other people will be able to come and see which song and book you’ve paired together.